Serverless,Scalable and Cost-Saving

Leverages cloud infrastructure and integrates with cloud-native ecosystems.

Elastic scaling of storage and computing.

Multi-tenant and pay-as-you-go for lower costs.

Free engineers from heavy workloads and easily manage cloud services.

Integrated with cloud-native OLAP and AI-driven modern data ecosystem.


High Performance, High Compression Rate, High Ease-Of-Use

high-performance High Performance

Support very large data size; fast batch writing; ultra-high data compression ratio

high-use High Ease of Use

Compatible with mainstream timing database; rich calculation functions; excellent ecosystem

high-source 100% Open Source

Stand-alone, distributed and ecological tools, etc. all adopt the AGPL-3.0 open source protocol

Get started with CnosDB in minutes

Simply install CnosDB using Docker with just one command:

docker run --name cnosdb -d cnosdb/cnosdb:v2.2.0 cnosdb run -M singleton

Alternatively, you can install CnosDB on other installation options.

Engineers' favorite programming languages

CnosDB provides fast and intuitive developer experience with support for popular programming languages like Java, Python, Rust, and Golang. Our community offers additional drivers.

  • Rust Rust Rust
  • Python Python Python
  • Golang Golang Golang
  • Java Java Java
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