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CnosDB Carnival! Full Support for Helm Deployment, Easily Dandle Your Distributed Time-series Database

 CnosDB carnival time is here, fully supporting Helm deployment! If you are a fan of the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, or IT operation and maintenance, then you absolutely cannot miss this big news!

CnosDB Helm Chart

Let's first take a look at what CnosDB Helm Chart is. To put it simply, this is a Helm Chart tailor-made for CnosDB. It is specially designed for the deployment of CnosDB on Kubernetes. It is like a super-intelligent deployment wizard, everything is here!

Kubernetes and Helm: A Perfect Match

Before exploring the CnosDB Helm Chart, let's briefly review Kubernetes and Helm. Kubernetes, referred to as K8s, is an open source container orchestration platform that can automatically deploy, expand and manage containerized applications. To put it bluntly, it is a magical application manager that can handle all your deployment needs!

Helm is the super assistant of Kubernetes. It is a package management tool that uses a method called Helm Chart to define, install and upgrade Kubernetes applications.

With Helm Chart, you can easily define, install and manage Kubernetes applications, achieving one-click magic of deployment and configuration!

Dance the Magic of Helm in CnosDB

Installing a CnosDB instance is a piece of cake. Follow the following command to install an instance named my-cnosdb in the cnosdb namespace:

helm install my-cnosdb cnosdb-0.1.0.tgz -ncnosdb

You can also customize your own parameters with —

set key=value[,key=value] , or customize installation options with a values.yam l file

Why CnosDB Helm Chart?

Simplified installation process: The CnosDB Helm Chart is carefully designed to handle all the various Kubernetes objects required for CnosDB to run on Kubernetes, eliminating the need for you to bother with manual operations. It can be easily done!

Cool configuration customization: play however you want! Supports custom configuration parameters, allowing you to adjust the performance and scale of CnosDB as you wish.

Reuse and easy maintenance: Installation and maintenance become elegant! CnosDB Helm Chart makes your installation and management work as easy as a game. Team members can easily share and reuse Charts, speeding up development and deployment.


CnosDB Helm Chart brings a new look to CnosDB deployment on Kubernetes. Come and experience it quickly and make your CnosDB deployment simple, flexible and fun! For detailed usage and parameter description, please contact CC. Donʼt miss this feast of Helm deployment, come and get ! 🚀