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CnosDB New Version 2.4.1 Aquila Released (Part 1): Overview of New Features and Optimizations

We have introduced many exciting new features and improvements, including support for system variables, enhanced HTTP compression, more GIS functions, and optimizations for tenant management. Additionally, we have made a series of performance optimizations and issue fixes to ensure the system is more stable and efficient. The specific updates are as follows:

New Features

    • Implemented the framework for adding system variables and added @@server_version [#1673]
    • Supported data nodes to be aware of meta node state changes [#1705]
    • Supported Dump DDL [#1710]
    • Routed both write requests and SQL requests to the query server [#1759]
    • Added ToDDLSql interface [#1749]
    • Added HTTP compression [#1684]
    • Added delayed delete parameter for tenants [#1652]
    • Added several GIS functions [#1765]
    • Implemented DDL Raft Write [#1802]
    • Refactored TSM file format [#1827]

Feature Optimization

  • Added default-run=cnosdb in crate main's Cargo.toml [#1647]
  • Refactored write logic [#1653]
  • Refactored and optimized ResourceManager [#1656]
  • Optimized the size of gRPC transmission content [#1717]
  • Refactored meta data to receive ctrl-c signal [#1723]
  • Replaced TagName with TagId [#1697]
  • Refactored get_series_key module [#1737]
  • Added checks for event_time_column parameter in stream tables [#1744]
  • Refactored GIS function implementations [#1727]
  • Standardized information returned in information_schema.queries and show queries [#1731]
  • Supported port selection via configuration [#1685]
  • Improved write process in Raft mode [#1726]
  • Prohibited creating stream tables with the same name as a column [#1733]
  • Unified drop_after name and added unset drop after [#1784]
  • Added descriptions for client chunks [#1785]
  • Refactored kvcore [#1796]
  • Added a configuration item for reserving space [#1798]
  • Refactored unit tests for higher efficiency [#1806]
  • Refactored configuration files [#1812]
  • Added service.grpc_enable_gzip configuration [#1823]
  • Removed cold_data_server configuration in the community edition [#1852]
  • Refactored and optimized Raft WAL in Raft mode [#1832]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed get_sys_mem unit error [#1644]
  • Fixed CLI write line protocol not showing error messages [#1651]
  • Fixed TSKV filesystem not using append flag; call WalWriter::close() when the writer rolls to an old version [#1637]
  • Fixed issue where tenant members were not deleted when deleting a user [#1694]
  • Fixed issue where “Tenant not found” returned HTTP status code 500 [#1704]
  • Fixed error message when altering stream table [#1724]
  • Fixed WAL read failure and data loss issue during abnormal restart [#1719]
  • Fixed issue where stream job lost database information on restart [#1734]
  • Fixed issue where logs showed user passwords [#1770]
  • Fixed issue where plans could not be generated for interpolated functions with aliases [#1777]
  • Improved deletion of role information [#1772]
  • Fixed issue where WAL was never cleaned [#1771]
  • Fixed error when running test_kvcore_interface::test_kvcore_recover [#1791]
  • Fixed issue where CNOSDB program would crash on restart [#1650]
  • Fixed incorrect cluster initialization order [#1800]
  • Fixed some errors in the compression module [#1807]
  • Added thread pool for HTTP content codec [#1808]
  • Fixed issue where dedup_by_front dropped incorrect elements [#1816]
  • Fixed /api/v1/write failing without tags [#1830]
  • Fixed error when writing invalid line protocol [#1817]

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