Time Series Databases is on the rise

Recently, some friends asked “Jesse, why you start to participate in TSDB at this moment? Is this a good timing?” Good question–because no matter how smart an individual is, he or she is still no match for a team; and no matter how good a team is, it still needs to follow the trend. Actually, we’ve been thinking about “Why Now”, so let’s just talk about it.

Time Series Databases in hydropower

Hello, after Prof. Wang Hongzhi’s introduction to the frontier field of database in the last issue, I wonder if you have a deeper understanding of the database field, let’s return to the Time Series Database in this issue and talk about the application of Time Series Database in the field of hydropower plant.

Time Series Databases for nuclear power safety

The recent war in Russia and Ukraine remains the focus of world attention. The safety of Ukraine, a traditional nuclear powerhouse with several nuclear power plants in its territory, has also raised widespread concerns. This has made Jesse wonder if time series databases have a role to play in nuclear power safety. Today we will talk about the application of time series database in the field of nuclear power safety.

Time Series Databases market size trends

Open source project in IT infrastructure and its shifts are increasing the urgency of rethinking business, programs, investment, and strategies. Diving into the morden IT infrastructure from the time series database that we are dedicated to is a good kick off.