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The Application of Time-series Database in Tabacco Manufacture

What is the most lucrative industry on earth — oil, gas or arms? The answer is none of the above. These industries are not the most profitable industries. The correct answer is tobacco. Today, at least 1/4 of the world’s people smoke, and cigarettes have become the ‘New currency’ of the world. The cost of …

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The Rise of Super Unicorn Databricks

Databricks, a leading super unicorn company, is revolutionizing the way businesses leverage data. With the explosive growth of internet data, data has become a new type of resource for businesses, as valuable as oil. More companies are looking to leverage various structured and unstructured data to gain a competitive edge.  However, they are facing challenges such as complex legacy infrastructure, resolving data silos, and managing high latency. Consequently, the demand for data lakes has been steadily increasing. A data lake is a storage repository that ingests vast amounts of raw data in its native format, enabling enterprises to easily access them when needed. Databricks is currently a super unicorn company in the primary market. It helps businesses prepare data for analysis, supports the adoption of machine learning, and enables data-driven decision-making. It also empowers data scientists to collaborate with data engineers and other …

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Hex Tech: The Crisis and Opportunity of a Programming-enabled BI Platform

Data practitioners often jump between various tools, and this fragmentation leads to problems in collaboration, sharing, and productivity. The increase in enterprise cloud data volumes and the emergence of data transformation, model building, and visualization tools have driven the rise of modern data stacks. Most companies are increasing their investment in data teams to adapt …

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Time Series Databases for maritime risk management

Recently, Jesse has also been learning and expanding his knowledge, and saw an article on “Data Pre-processing of Ship Risk Management System based on TSDB” in the journal “China Ship Repair”, so this issue also wants to use this article as a basis to talk to you briefly about the application of TSDB in the field of ship risk management.

Time Series Databases application for analysis of flight test data

On May 14, 2022, the maiden flight test of the first domestic C919 large aircraft that will be delivered to China Eastern Airlines was successfully completed, and the Chinese dream of hitting the airplane for many years went one step further. In fact, it is very important to conduct flight tests and collect flight data before the aircraft is delivered for use, so in this issue Jesse would like to talk about the application of timing database in civil aircraft test flights.

Time Series Databases is on the rise

Recently, some friends asked “Jesse, why you start to participate in TSDB at this moment? Is this a good timing?” Good question–because no matter how smart an individual is, he or she is still no match for a team; and no matter how good a team is, it still needs to follow the trend. Actually, we’ve been thinking about “Why Now”, so let’s just talk about it.