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When FineReport Meets CnosDB

With the rapid development of big data and Internet of Things applications, time series databases have become a key data storage and analysis tool. As a popular business intelligence tool, FineReport's integration with the time series database CnosDB can provide enterprises with more powerful data analysis and visualization functions. This blog will introduce how to integrate FineReport with CnosDB to quickly and efficiently utilize time series data for analysis and report generation.

What is CnosDB?

CnosDB is an open source distributed time series database designed for high performance, high availability, and high scalability time series data storage. It has the following main features:

  • Time series data optimization: CnosDB focuses on storing and querying time series data, providing efficient data writing and query performance.
  • Distributed architecture: CnosDB supports distributed deployment and can be easily scaled to meet growing data needs.
  • Data retention policy: CnosDB allows you to define a data retention policy to control the cost of data storage. Open source
  • Community support: CnosDB is an open source project with active community support and continuous updates and improvements.

Steps to integrate FineReport and CnosDB

To integrate FineReport with CnosDB, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and configure CnosDB

First, you need to install and configure the CnosDB server. You can visit the CnosDB website [ https://docs.cnosdb.com/zh/latest/deploy/install.html ] for detailed installation and configuration guide. Make sure your CnosDB server is running properly and that you can access it over the network.

Step 2: Prepare time series data

Before using FineReport, you need to prepare the time series data to be analyzed. This can be data from sensors, monitoring devices, or other sources. Make sure the data is stored in CnosDB and you know how to query it.

Step 3: Install FineReport

If you have not installed FineReport Report Designer, you can download and install it from FineReport's website [ https://www.finereport.com/product/download ].

Step 4: Connect to CnosDB

1. Open the FineReport backend management platform. Click “Server>Report Platform Management” in the FineReport Designer menu bar to open it. 
2. Install the CnosDB management plug-in. Click “Manage System>Plug-in Management>My Plug-in>Update from Local” and select the plug-in file. Plug-ins can be obtained by asking CC!

Step 5: Create a report

Now you can start creating reports. Time series data can be easily retrieved and analyzed from CnosDB using FineReport's report designer. You can create charts, tables, and dashboards to visualize data and generate reports. Open the Designer software, first click “File” and “Create Normal Report” in the upper left corner to create a new report. Then click in the lower left corner of the software and follow the steps as shown in the figure to configure the CnosDB template data set.
Configure the source of CnosDB according to the following example, and you can visualize the data in the designer
The Basic check code corresponding to Authorization is the base64 encoding corresponding to the user name. You can convert it through https://tool.oschina.net/encrypt?type=3
You can see the collected data in the data set. Drag the data into the table according to your needs, and perform corresponding calculations. For details, you can refer to the corresponding documents. Click Save and Preview as shown in the picture, and you can see the report you designed on the web page


By integrating FineReport with CnosDB, you can fully exploit the potential of time series data and gain valuable insights from it. This integration provides powerful data analysis and visualization tools that help enterprises better understand and leverage their time series data. The combination of FineReport and CnosDB provides a powerful solution for efficient time series data analysis and report generation.
We hope this guide will be helpful to users who want to integrate FineReport and CnosDB. If you have any questions or need further assistance, you may wish to consult the official support channels or community forums of CnosDB and FineReport. I wish you success in achieving your goals of time series data analysis!