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CnosDB 2.3.4 Apus released! #Database Update #Performance Optimization #Problem Fix

Recently, the CnosDB team has released a series of exciting updates to improve user experience and system performance. Here are some of the important changes :

New Function

  • Adapt to Vector. [#1618]
  • Added increase function, http_limiter and metrics: [#1629]
  • Route write requests and SQL requests to the query server: [#1760]
  • Support HTTP compression: [#1762]
  • Support dump DDL: [#1782]
  • Starting services via configuration: [#1789]


  • Implement desc tables/databases by reading system tables and fix some typos: [  #1692]


  • Remove debug logs: [#1793]


  • Fix bug where members are not deleted when deleting a tenant: [#1632]
  • Fix failure to generate interpolation function alias plans: [#1777]
  • Check the parameter event_time_column of the flow table: [#1744]
  • Stream job loses database information on restart: [#1734]
  • Disable flow table creation with identically named columns: [#1733]
  • Optimize error messages for direct selection of flow tables: [#1732]
  • Fix get_sys_mem wrong unit: [#1739]
  • Fix cli write line protocol not displaying error message: [#1739]
  • Fix not deleting tenant members when deleting users: [#1739]
  • Fixed an error where HTTP status code 500 was returned when the tenant was not found: [#1739]
  • Fix gRPC size limit: [#1739]
  • Fix table name error when creating external tables: [#1739]
These changes demonstrate the CnosDB team's continued focus on the system and its commitment to working hard to improve it. We encourage users to upgrade as soon as possible to experience these new features and improvements.

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  • Quick start guide:  http://docs.cnosdb.com
  • GitHub repository:  https://github.com/cnosdb/cnosdb
  • GitHub Release Notes: https://github.com/cnosdb/cnosdb/releases/tag/v2.3.4